Green Business Blog Carnival #4

Green Business Blog logoHello to week #4 of the Green Business Blog Carnival, a fun fair of green business news travelling across the blogosphere helping to spread the good word.

Below you’ll find links to some great content on this week’s sustainable business related topics from respected bloggers.

Let’s get on with the show…

Hitting hard at the Test Your Strength is David Wheat Science In Action – Often debates about climate policy come down to “My experts can beat up your experts”. This research shows that there are objective measurements that can reveal which experts are more expert, and therefore should be given more weight in guiding policy. (Not that policy is driven by experts–it’s politics.)

In the House of Mirrors is HaraBara Green – Big quantities are sometimes hard to grasp. When you hear that millions of gallons of crude are spilling in the Gulf, how much is that really? Professor James Corbett of the University of Delaware has done the math in a creative way. Your could drive your car for 100,000 years on gas made from the oil spilled so far.

Carrying his Goldfish is Jeff McIntire-Strasburg at Sustainablog – St. Louis-based Practecol just launched its line of “eco-frugal” products designed to help consumers save money and the planet.

Trying the Air Rifles is a is Jeff McIntire-Strasburg at Sustainablog – Description of Post: Eco-entrepreneurs have discovered a new niche: school fundraising programs featuring green products and services.

Also in the House of Mirrors is Dinesh Thirupuvanam at Viv Club – Increasingly products are being made with “compostable” and “biodegradable” on their labels.  But here’s the little known fact – the word “compostable” actually means something, and it’s definition is tightly controlled by International Standards… whereas the word “biodegradable” has a very loose, almost meaningless definition.

On the Ferris Wheel is Jen Boynton at TriplePundit – Here are 5 reasons why we believe GRI will become the standard in sustainability reporting, just as LEED is the standard for green buildings.

At the Coconut Shy is Raz Godelnik at Eco-Libris – Would you consider the iPad as environmentally sound if it was manufactured in a sweatshop? It might sound a theoretical question – I mean, can this advanced device that for many represent freedom and modernity be made in an exploiting working environment that represent for many of us the dark ages? Well, given the latest news about Foxconn, this question may be more relevant and realistic than ever.

At the Dodgems is The Inspired Economist – In this post, Ambrose Desmond who runs sustainablog’s green investment subdomain discusses the risk of investing in Tesla Motors.

Visiting the Fortune Teller is CleanTechies – Recently, CleanTechies had the pleasure to speak with Phillip Ridings, CEO of Dragonfly Industries, Inc. We talked about the company, its products, and what its products may mean for the clean tech sector. If Dragonfly lives up to it’s reputation it could easily revolutionize the wind industry.

Ok, show over until next Friday’s host of the Green Business Blog Carnival at CleanTechies.

Host sites are still up for grabs so check out the opportunities at Sustainablog and to submit posts visit Triple Pundit for the submission form.

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