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Paper Feels Better Than Digital Ever Can


Online content is like the sugar rush of the fast food world. It just can’t satisfy like a good book, magazine or paper can.

There’s really nothing like a good read away from a damn screen.

Yes, it’s a tougher business proposition in today’s online micro-attention over saturated world of news, gossip and marketing, but the feel, smell and ease-on-the-eyes of paper will always have a place in my heart.

The great local folks at Ethos Magazine are edging close to the end of their Indiegogo campaign and I’ve promised to give them a quick shout out.

The face of global business is changing. Our world is full of amazing people achieving brilliant things, and Ethos Magazine tells their story… This crowdfunding campaign asks you to share in our passion and purpose and bring Ethos magazine to glorious, printed life.

Watch the video below. Support if you can. Please share where you can, or just reach out directly to Andrew, Fiona, Patrick and the team to explore connecting to some great entrepreneurs and communicators.





How Can You Change The World Through Entrepreneurship?

Innovation Women Business Start UpSometimes projects appear like rabbits being pulled from a magician’s hat. You’re led to think there’s nothing in there and then hey presto, a cute ball of fluff gets dragged out by the ears.

Usually though, you plan like crazy, target your market and go hell for leather building a sales pipeline to regularly still miss out on the fun prizes that you really want. Hands up if you know what I mean? Good. Most of you.

Considerably less often such opportunities find you with a handful of carrots, an empty hutch, a yearning to breed bunnies, and all in your own backyard.

I can’t share too much quite yet, and my usual exuberance is again obviously overriding my (and others who will shout at me) sense of caution here, but I wanted to quickly reach out to those of you I’ve encountered over many years with a similar mindset.

Here’s the thing…
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‘What Matters?’ – How Would You Change The World For A Day?

More importantly, how do we inspire the young people today to believe that such change is possible, within their grasp and to get started?

World Merit Day 2014 will see education activist Malala Yousafzai headline an impressive line-up at the  ‘What Matters?’ conference and music concert in Liverpool. The event will challenge young people to think about what is important to their generation, to take action via the World Merit platform and ethos to take the initiative to make their own communities  better places to live, learn and achieve their potential.

I’m not exactly considered young these days (apart from a severe childlike streak of humour), so check out the video below from people who have a few more years ahead of them than I do to create change locally and globally.



World Merit Day is 24 July 2014, is at Liverpool’s amazing waterfront BT Convention Centre and is part of the city’s massive International Festival for Business.

Other headline speakers already include Katie Piper (TV presenter & philanthropist), Lord Hastings (Chairman of CSR at KPMG), and Jack Healey (former Director of Amnesty International).

Make sure you get to Liverpool on the 24th July to experience what is guaranteed to be an amazing opportunity to learn from and meet incredibly inspirational, knowledgeable and energising similar minds.

For updates on new speakers and latest news keep an eye on @WorldMeritHQ on Twitter.






Earth Hour


I don’t know about you but Earth Hour at Casa Connor was great family fun!

We decided the food in the fridge freezer would survive for an hour and just turned everything off at the mains. Our two year old hadn’t been near a candle before and his wind-up penguin torch was almost too much fun for him, and his Mum to handle. Tiddlywinks could be easier by candlelight though. There are far too many shadows to lose awol buttons!

It was a welcome change from the normal routine of bedtime for mini-us and a shlomp in front of the television with the laptop stuck on my overheating thighs.

I’d love to know how many tonnes of CO2 were saved globally, how much energy usage dipped in the UK, how many people took part and their individual stories, how much we actually saved as a family (will work out later) and most of all, will it make any difference to those who make decisions on our behalf?

Congratulations WWF and Earth Hour!

What can we do next?

Liverpool Year of Environment – latest

After my previous mini-rant about Liverpool trying its best to miss its own green bus, I thought it only fair to keep you all informed where possible. I promise to stay as positive as I can but even I have my limits.

Adrian McEwen has posted a this good account on his McFilter blog of a recent Liverpool Community Network event about the Year of Environment. Was this the launch? Who knows? Apparently Cllr Berni Turner sent a substitute as it couldn’t have obviously have been a priority. After all it’s only the environment. What’s the worse that could happen? It’s not as if being a city by the sea is dangerous when sea levels rise.

I also stumbled across (can you see a pattern here?) a website for the campaign at www.ourcityourplanet.org.uk. It could be better, especially if the link to business ambassadors at Liverpool Chamber worked.

Another hidden gem was a pdf I found here with a list of events for 2009. It looks very respectable, hopefully incomplete but not a bad start. I actually found this before the website!

I’m trying to push LYOE this from my end but I’m starting to feel that it maybe too risky to get too closely associated with those officially in charge. It’s beginning to develop a an air of public sector mediocrity already.

Now for a hopeful note. My final discovery was this LYOE presentation on the Travelwise website with Jan Rowley’s name on the front. It made me feel more comfortable but I am seriously concerned about the private sector engagement.

Hopefully LYOE will pick up speed and build an infectious momentum as Spring pokes through the soil . I’ll be doing everything in my power to make this a success, will the people that came up with the idea?

Liverpool Year of the Environment

Liverpool Year of the Environment

Liverpool – Year of Environment 2009?

Last week I spent an hour in a cramped Chinese restaurant at a Striding Out networking event listening to a pretty decent group of speakers discuss “Business Trends for 2009”. Not one speaker, including Cllr Warren Bradley, mentioned environmental issues within their spiel. Bit strange, especially considering we’re at the start of February and we know precious little about the sequel themed year to follow the hugely succesful European Captial of Culture 2008.

I’m not expecting a year of ‘green’ razzamatazz but some leadership would be appreciated. For those not lucky enough to have travelled through our wonderful city recently you will have missed the appearance of the huge wind turbines along the river front. Fantastic!!! Peel Energy / Holdings are to be applauded for their investment and I sincerely hope that it’s a profitable venture. How many cities can boast four 80m high turbines less than a mile from the centre? It for once demonstrates vision, not overly commonplace historically with Liverpool or anybody involved with planning permission for that matter.

Where is the rest of the ‘Year of Environment’? It’s now February so are we having an 11 month year for this campaign? Liverpool has a fair distance to catch up. The last two years have seen Liverpool finish bottom and next to bottom out of twenty in Forum for the Future’s Sustainable Cities Index. Liverpool is by its nature a competitive city so lets use that to our advantage. Maybe it’s just me, but I see that as an opportunity. Why can’t we be publicly honest and put our hands up and say ‘Okay we’ve not achieved (I don’t care about the reason why) in the past but our targets have now been set high and we want to be the best!’?

It was October last year when the Liverpool Echo produced a list of green themed events but there has been precious little else since. A quick Google search shows Adrian McEwen’s McFilter coming top of the ranking if you look for ‘Liverpool Year of the Environment’. Without wanting to be disrespectful in anyway to Adrian’s endeavours but surely by now there should be a higher profile media presence, public and commercial awareness?

I’m not expecting the Local Authority to drive this alone, or even expect any of their environmental partners to fly the flag. We all have a responsibility to play our part regardless of a themed year or where you live or work.

Can we please grasp this opportunity to maintain the momentum of Capital of Culture and direct that energy into a better place for our children and grandchildren?

I did ask Cllr Bradley (et al) why the environment was omitted from his speech on Business Trends and his apologetic answer didn’t exactly fill me with hope of following 2008 with a bang.

What are you doing this year?